Child Support


At the Law Office of Christina L. Holly we represent parents who pay child support, and those who receive child support.


Parents Who Pay Child Support

If you are a parent who pays child support and your financial circumstances change substantially through no fault of your own, you may be successful in lowering your child support payments. Attorney Holly represents family law clients who pay child support but have been involuntarily terminated from employment, have changed employment, are working fewer hours due to employer cut-backs, or have become disabled since the original child support award was determined. Additionally, the amount of child support that you pay may change if you spend more time with your child than was originally contemplated in the original family law judgment or settlement agreement that was part of an initial divorce or custody action. While children deserve to receive child support through their parents, the legislature has enacted certain safeguards in the statutes that ensure that the proper amount is paid through the time when a child reaches emancipation. Attorney Holly is available to assist you in determining what your proper current child support payment should be. She also will represent you in a family law court case geared towards adjusting the child support amount to reflect the present circumstances of the parties.


Parents Who Receive Child Support

If you are a parent who receives child support, you may be seeking legal representation from a domestic relations lawyer because you are not receiving the child support payments that you are supposed to be receiving. Perhaps you are not receiving payments in a timely manner. Often parents receive only partial payments, and do not receive the full child support amount that was agreed upon in settlement or ordered by the court. Attorney Holly frequently represents clients in your same situation with regards to child support and understands that this can be a very frustrating time. She is available to assist you in obtaining a court order for the child support to be deducted directly from the payor’s income. She will discuss with you other ways in which the court system can be helpful to a parent not properly receiving child support.


If circumstances have substantially changed since the original child support amount was either agreed upon in settlement or ordered by the court, it may be the case that the child support you are receiving is lower than the amount which the Florida Statutes requires. Attorney Holly can assist you in increasing child support payments so that your child’s financial needs can be better met in the future.


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