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June 17, 2010

“The Development of the Lee County High Conflict Docket”

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Many thanks are in order to Judge Hugh E. Starnes, a retired circuit court judge, who has volunteered his time, along with Dr. Deborah Silver and Sheldon Finman, Esq., to assist families going through “high conflict” family law cases involving children.  “High conflict” cases can be defined as divorce and custody cases where the parties have been involved with their cases for a long period of time and have not reached a resolution.  Often times, it is the children that suffer the most harm in “high conflict” situations.  Judge Starnes and his team have designed a case management program that enables the parties to come to the court and attempt to problem-solve with professional assistance so that the cases can progress in a manner that may be more suited to the children’s needs.  Hopefully the program will report success and funding will be in place to continue to support the program in the future.

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